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The Viking Suicides    

by George Sapio. April 27/28, 2018

Lifelong TCSCC, 199 W. Court St., Ithaca

Dir. Maura Stephens 

A perfect storm of overindulgence, abuse, and bad sociology creates a cult of revenge led by a child. 
A staged reading of a brand-new play by playwright George Sapio. This biting satire touches on a wide variety of controversial subjects including bad parenting, feminism, racism, suicide, our education system's shortcomings, and the failures of our society to its next generation. It will make you laugh, cringe, and think -- sometimes simultaneously -- and it definitely does not follow any kind of formula. All are welcome, but parental discretion is advised for those under 16 because of adult subject matter (no nudity, physical violence, or sexual scenes). Because this is a workshop (debut) reading, the public is invited to give feedback during a brief structured session after the performance. Tickets at the door. Donation of $10 suggested, but not required.

The Final Word    

by George Sapio. August 2017/Dir. Siouxsie Easter

Danielle Bates, Kristina Feldesman, Effie Johnson, Gavin Keaty, Daniel J. Kiely, Dean Robinson, Jim Slattery, Katie Spallone, Maura Stephens


by Nick Ryan. October 2015/Dir. George Sapio

Mike Davie, Daniel J. Kiely, A.J. Sage


by George Sapio. September 2015/Dirs. Holly Adams, David Kossack, Amina Omari, Camilla Schade, Maura Stephens

Paige Anderson, Danielle Bates, Arthur Bicknell, Abel Bradshaw, Robin Booth, Ali Diemecke, Eric Hambury, Jeff Hodges, Kiranjit Longaker, Leslyn McBean, Alek Osinski, Tim Perry, Kristin Sad, AJ Sage, Karen Stanley, Leo Taylor, Will Wallace, Gary Weissbrot, Sylvie Yntema

Fault Lines   

by George Sapio. March 2013/Dir. Camilla Schade

Holly Adams, Lauren Boehm, Brett Bossard, Maura Stephens