HISTORICAL COMEDIC DRAMA  (Solo one-act, 60 minutes)

For three years during WWII, the 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Air Force, the first-ever female fighter pilots flew nightly missions against the massive Nazi war machine. They flew in all kinds of weather: rain, snow, sub-zero freezes, with no radar, lights, or parachutes. They flew over 300 sorties, often with ten or more missions per squad every night, dropping bombs on the Nazi front lines. The regiment was staffed entirely of women, including all support staff. They were the one of the most highly decorated elite regiments in Soviet history. And they had the Nazis terrified of them.

One-act. Black box set. One woman 25-55. Must speak Russian naturally.


COMEDY (Full-length)

When a hit backfires, it signals the end of an era and the Tortellini family needs to make plans--FAST.

Full length.

Casting: 2 female, 4 male.


COMEDIC DRAMA (Full-length, 90 minutes)

Identity & humanity: Will either of them survive within a corporate system? Martha, a middle-aged woman re-entering the workforce at a global corporation. At every turn she finds herself undervalued and all of her efforts to work her way up the ladder or improve her work life are frustrated. Powerless, Martha tries to find ways to deal with her depression and her amnesia. No matter what tactic she tries, her relationship with her co-worker and immediate supervisor, Raymond, turns into a matter of contention. Forced to change from a passive person into a pro-active individual, Martha begins to discover that she is more capable than she imagined.

Casting: 4 Female, Male 2, Unspecified 1.



COMEDIC DRAMA (Full-length, 90 minutes)

A Viking-themed teenage group suicide attempt sparks off a series of events leading to the formation of a women’s refuge society with dubious goals. Society observes and reacts, not always intelligently, and a well-meaning yet eminently clueless father must find a way to get back to his now-famous daughter by whatever means possible--including surviving the reality game show from Hell.


Full length, 2-act. Various locations. Black box set.

Casting: 3 female-identifying, 1 male.   Chorus: 3-4 female-identifying.


POLITICAL DRAMA (Full-length, 90 minutes)

Lizzie Featherstone, in the interests of education and social awareness, publishes an essay from a distinguished alumna. Political forces immediately try to discredit her, but she will not back down. The issue becomes a legal battle that serves as an allegory for the record of SCOTUS free speech cases in the 20th century.Chances are, you may not know nearly enough about free speech in America.


Full length. Various locations. Black box set.

Casting: 5 female, 7 male. Note: some characters' gender may change for casting purposes. Consult playwright.



COMEDIC DRAMA (Full-length, 90 minutes)

Three sisters, one husband, one dead mother, and The Past, which refuses to stay there. Between cooking, secrets, misunderstandings, and years of sibling dynamics, is it possible to reach not just a detente, but an understanding?


Full length. 2 Acts, 1 Location. Some mild adult content.

Casting: Female, 50; Female, 43; Female, 40; Male, 40-50.



DRAMA (One act, 65 minutes)

CRITICS' PICK: ‘08 Cincinnati Fringe

Three-year-old Billy stays home all day, gets his diapers changed, sleeps in a crib, his mommy cooks his dinner every night, tells him nursery rhymes, and he gets to look out the window and color in his books all he wants. Except...Billy is actually thirty years old; he’s never been out of the apartment. His “mommy” is actually his older brother. The babysitter is a grad student. Her thesis topic is Billy. But she hasn’t mentioned that fact yet.


One Act, one location/set. Adult Content.
Casting: Male, 30; Female, 20s; Male, mid-30s-early 40s
Youtube Clip

CityBeat review

The Conveyor review



HISTORICAL COMEDIC DRAMA (Two acts, 130 minutes)
Think you know the story of Richard III? This is a revisionist look at one of England's most notorious kings, packed with comedy, gambling ghosts, an overworked executioner, and sportscasted battles! Remaining as close to the historical facts as possible, Kynges Games chronicles the major events in Richard's life and offers a theory regarding one of England's major mysteries.


Casting: 25 roles. Please see script for breakdown.

Plays - Full length


MYSTERY DRAMA (Two acts, 130 minutes)

Documentary filmmaker Marcus "Bobno" Bobnowski and his assistant Maddie journey to New Orleans to film the right-to-die case of a woman who's been comatose for twenty years following a tragic incident. Mysteries and revelations begin to surface, and between the ghosts that haunt the hotel and the secrets others have to hide, a lot more than the film is at stake.


Full length. 2 Acts, 4 Locations.

Casting: Male, 25-35; Female, 25-35; Male, 45-60; Male, 55-70; Female, 55-70; Female, 45-55; Male, 25-50 (+2 bit parts)


COMEDIC DRAMA (Two acts, 90 minutes)
Unpublished writer Norman Miller puts his energy—all of it—into his writing; he specializes in classic prose laced with erotica. His wife Mixie, desperate for a real life, cons her lover Ted into doing away with Norman. Nothing goes the way they planned, and the surprise entrance of a fourth character raises the stakes to where it's either prosperity or prison!

Full length. 2 Acts, 1 Location. Adult content.
Casting: Male, mid-late 40s; Female, Early 40s; Male, same age as female; 4th character 20s-60s, male or female; determined by casting.

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